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  • 2016 New Glass LED Pendant Light
    As relax and easy style LED Pendant, an awe-inspiring vista of comfortable designing comes in to view, soft from the warm light source above. Incredibly skilled craftsmen produce the fixture from a single piece of glass. The soft light of the light source range changes with 3 levels CCT, which is made different dramatic by the LED light focused directly above. Expect clear glass, also tinted with translucent Amber or Grey and so on, all colorful pendants also can make light artfully diffuses the light with stunning effects. The design philosophy is clear: use creativity and inspiration to create relaxing lighting replete with value and emotion.   Read More>

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We are dedicated to manufacturing modern and contemporary light fixture to meet demands in commercial, industrial and residential markets ,Lonwing lighting company has established strict product quality and production management system, the product has passed CCC, CE, UL,SAA, etc various domestic and international quality authentication.

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